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Workgroup Collaboration Tools

Workgroup Collaboration Tools for Information Sharing, Decision-Making and Productivity 

We provide state-of-the-art, cloud-based workgroup collaboration tools to address our clients' day-to-day information sharing needs. Our paperless system helps keep everyone productive around the world. From email reflectors to video and conference calling, data repositories and voting systems, we facilitate workgroup collaboration for all types and sizes of alliances and associations.

  • Secure work areas for the organization, board, and each committee
  • Document management with revision control and access controls
  • Integrated email list server
  • Shared calendaring with export to Outlook and other systems
  • Ballots and voting rights with tabulation and reporting
  • Action Item tracking
  • Discussion area
  • Dashboards and rule-based self-subscribe functionality to committees and groups

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Client Profile: EMerge

Whether your group is small, or large, domestic or multi-national, everyone needs a secure and convenient area to save their work. The EMerge Alliance was one of our first clients to use our latest web-based member and workgroup collaboration portal to help their members create great things together.  


EMerge offers its members a comprehensive collaboration workplace with a number of features. Their document management system has revision history, access controls and watermarking features. The system offers shared meeting and event calendaring that easily exports to Outlook and other popular calendar systems. Every Inventures' client can conduct ballots, based on customized voting rights, and generate result reports. EMerge has a lot of activities underway at any time and can track all Action Items easily online, letting everyone see the status of activities immediately. Plus, our collaboration portal offers a discussion area, so volunteers can post ideas and comments without waiting for the next meeting.

No two alliances or associations are ever alike. We let every one customize their dashboards so they get the information they care about most. Convenience is critical to your volunteers and that's why we offer client-defined, rule-based self-subscribe functionality to give your volunteers the power to join committees and workgroups at any time. At Inventures, we help our clients be collaborative, convenient and efficient at every level.