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Membership Recruitment

Grow Faster with Strategic Recruiting

Members are the lifeblood of any alliance or association. With more members, your collaboration grows stronger and results are achieved more quickly throughout its ecosystem. Leveraging our extensive management experience, our strategic recruiting program will help you identify what's needed. We'll undertake a systematic approach to search for new recruits that will really make your organization and its ecosystem flourish.

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Client Profile: OSGi Alliance

The OSGi recruiting program is designed by Inventures to increase membership at all levels of the alliance in order to increase the resources required to accomplish the goals of the Alliance. Inventures identifies prospects and then educates each one about the Alliance and its mission, helping prospects make an informed decision about joining OSGi. The process not only resolves the basic question about the OSGi value proposition, but also creates a powerful, yet personal connection between the prospect and OSGi  representatives that benefits everyone.

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