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Certifying solutions is a powerful way to earn market confidence and build a strong business ecosystem. Our experts will work with you to design a certification management program that meets the needs of both the market and your members. Our Certification Management Services experts will implement and administer the program, working with members and certification authorities to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Client Profile: ONVIF Certification Management Program

You’re creating revolutionary standards. You can see amazing benefits if everyone adopts. But will everyone implement your standards properly? How do you certify everything works together?


Inventures worked with ONVIF to define its conformance process. We created an online self-certification test tool that generates a signed declaration of conformance which is then verified by Inventures Certification Services. Every product approved wears the ONVIF Certified product logo to demonstrate that their product has passed the process. A certified product web module was customized by Inventures to display every ONVIF Certified product, along with any necessary details, on the ONVIF website.


Public verification of certified products is a valuable tool to counter any counterfeits. Publishing certified product details allows both ONVIF customers and consultants to verify the technical details of every Certified product and build implementation plans in one convenient location, ultimately making purchase decisions infinitely easier.

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