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Financial Management

From AP and AR to Taxes and Audits

While your solution and services may make others green with envy, we know you'll need funding to accomplish that goal. Our finance team is here to assist so you can stay focused on your mission vs. money management. We follow financial best practices and leverage decades of experience managing millions of dollars in transactions every year for our clients, helping you stay in the black.

  • Create and maintain bank account to manage daily banking activity
  • Manage investment accounts
  • Complete Accounts Payable and Account Receivables management and processing
  • Automated invoicing and processing of member dues
  • Perform VAT/tax recovery after qualifying events
  • Execute bookkeeping in accordance with standard accounting practices
  • Prepare and disseminate monthly financial and cash flow reports
  • Support annual operating budget with reporting and analysis
  • Work with outside CPA to prepare/file annual tax return
  • Conduct audits with outside CPA
  • Secure and maintain necessary insurance policies

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How We Manage Your Money

From paying bills to managing investment accounts, we've got you covered. We'll execute bookkeeping in accordance to GAAP and disseminate monthly financial and cash flow reports to keep you informed every step of the way. Annual budgeting is breeze with customized annual operating budget reports and analysis. We've got outside CPA services ready for annual tax returns or the dreaded audit. Plus, we'll obtain necessary insurance policies to ensure your group's future is as secure as possible. We make it easy and keep you informed so you can focus on the big things.