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We're passionate about what we do and believe that multi-party collaboration and business ecosystem development through technology communities is the best way to develop not only new technologies and standards, but also markets. 



Maximizing Benefit - Using Building Blocks of Effective Collaboration

By John Ehrig, Executive Director, Inventures

Project leaders must leverage new models of collaboration to move at the speed of technology, maximize multi-stakeholder innovations, leverage open approaches and ensure solutions identified are relevant, scalable, affordable and equitable in their deployments. This presentation describes the framework and six key building blocks for effective technical and business team collaborations in 2021 and beyond. Read more


Benefits of Effective Collaboration for You and Your Organization

By Steve Crumb, Vice President & Executive Director, Inventures

Are businesses better off by collaborating with others, even with competitors? Are all collaboration approaches equal or are some models of collaboration more effective than others? What are the building blocks of effective collaboration? Significant value to your business and your own personal fulfillment can be found in the answers to these questions. Read more

In the Ecosystem Economy, What’s Your Strategy?

By Michael G. Jacobides

Competing is increasingly about identifying new ways to collaborate and connect rather than simply offering alternative value propositions. Read more

Innovation Driven by Disruption

By Deepak Kamlani, Founder, Inventures

High-tech markets are defined by neverending waves of innovation and change, with advances in technology simultaneously disrupting the status quo and creating new opportunities. In the past, a company could accomplish this individually, on the strength of its proprietary technology. In the last 20 years, the landscape has shifted dramatically and, today, collaboration between multiple stakeholders is necessary to transform markets and eliminate obstacles to growth. Read more

Standards and Competitive Technology Strategy

By Deepak Kamlani, Founder, Inventures

This article highlights the drivers for the creation of standards and their essential role in competitive technology strategy, particularly the generation of disruptive business models. Also discussed are the key standards issues that CTOs and CIOs should consider as they develop technology strategies for their supplier, partner, competitor, and employee value chains. Read more

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Empower our clients to achieve their missions through a full suite of management services that accelerate collaboration and results. 

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Our mission is to achieve the missions of the client organizations we serve.

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