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Governance & Operations Assessment

Unveiling Opportunities for Improvements and Growth



As collaborative organizations grow and evolve, it may be wise to consider conducting a third-party review of the overall operations and governance. Embarking on such a review allows leadership to streamline processes, and adjust programs that benefit the organizations’ mission and membership.


Warning signs that often signal a review is needed:


  • Changes in Membership
  • Sudden Success or Failure
  • Poor Participation
  • Account / IT Issues
  • New IP Export Control Issues
  • Staffing Issues

Utilizing our best practice knowledge base built upon 30 years of alliance and
association management experience, the Inventures team will conduct an
organizational assessment with a two-phased approach to governance and
operational reviews.


Phase 1 Assess & Recommend

A thorough review of various aspects of the organization helps determine any
perceived problem areas.

  • Governance & Strategy
  • Committee / Group Operations
  • Finance / Audit
  • Certification / Compliance
  • Communications
  • IT / Tooling
  • Membership Recruitment
  • Staffing / Contractors


Phase 2 Adjust & Evaluate

The outcomes of Phase 1 provides leadership with essential data to discuss challenges
and leverage Inventures’ best practices and experience to:

  • Plan Adjustment Projects
  • Execute and Track Adjustment Projects
  • Evaluate Adjustment Outcomes

Conducting a governance and operations review can reveal opportunities for improvement and
can set an organization on a path of enhanced productivity and growth benefiting all members.


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Engaging in a governance and operations assessment may reveal opportunities for improvement and set an organization on a path of enhanced productivity and growth benefiting all members.