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Program Management

Projects and Programs Come in all Shapes and Sizes

Whether it's a technical program, a marketing project or something in between, our experienced team uses our global best practices to help all types of industry communities manage resources and achieve goals. Our team can truly help your ecosystem grow.

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Client Profile: EMerge Alliance

Reinventing electric power through forward thinking standards is no small task.


The EMerge Alliance is doing the unthinkable and Inventures Program Management is doing its part to make the Alliance’s vision a reality. Creating standards for the highly efficient use of hybrid AC/DC power in a variety of buildings requires technical, marketing and certification program support from Inventures. From planning to standard publication, our experienced teams of program, marketing, event and certification professionals are taking care of the details and keeping the Alliance’s volunteered focused on modernizing power use.


With flexible, resilient and sustainable EMerge Registered products in the marketplace today, the world is getting greener. We’re proud to have played a small role in making such an revolutionary idea a reality.