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Member Meetings

Get the Most out of Working Together, In Person or Virtually

The most productive meetings are ones where your members can focus on their goals and not worry about whether it’s safe to meet, where they'll sit, sleep or eat. Our team of experienced meeting planners works with our clients to design the right event for the right budget. Whether it is virtual meeting, a group of engineers conducting a plugfest, a 1,000+ members meeting or a board of directors meeting, we will get the job done to your satisfaction. Our team manages full in-person meetings, virtual and hybrid meeting formats nationally and globally. No meeting is too big or too small.

  • Determine client needs and goals and create a custom plan
  • Develop master logistics timeline and monitor critical dates/deadlines
  • Track and manage action items pertaining to specific meeting
  • Identify best virtual meeting platform to meet needs
  • Research meeting location options, provide analysis and recommendations
  • Negotiate contract to obtain best value with consideration of food, AV, internet service, meeting space and sleeping room costs
  • Serve as primary contact with staff and vendors to ensure smooth and timely operation
  • Coordinate timely shipping, receiving and storage of materials, plus return shipping
  • Create and manage budget
  • Develop and manage online event registration systems
  • Processing registrations and event inquiries and overseeing on-site registration
  • Ensure timely payment of all outstanding bills to vendors and suppliers
  • Provide clear and concise final reconciliation after the tradeshow

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Client Profile: Thread Group

Google-backed Thread Group is a rapidly growing alliance and newborn leader of the connected home space. The Internet of Things is a fast-paced global movement, and a space we've been working in for years. To make your mark quickly, it’s important to have strong member engagement. Our experienced meeting planning team has been with the Thread Group since its launch in summer of 2014 and has a thorough understanding of Thread's needs to make every meeting a success.

Ask anyone whose attended a typical standards development organization meeting. They're comprised of people from every part of the globe, each with their own unique needs. Inventures handles every detail including negotiating meeting space, compensating for special food requirements and arranging hotel rooms. But before a meeting starts, our experts lay a foundation for success by conducting careful research, analysis and contract negotiation. Meetings play a huge part in the effort to make Thread a household name.