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Inventures focuses on four key areas of expertise: Create, Collaborate, Grow, and Transition.


Our expertise helps you create collaborative communities driven by a shared goal.

Inventures provides the expertise, speed and leverage to help you achieve your vision.

For more than 25 years, we’ve launched or provided management to more than 50 multi-stakeholder communities across a wide variety of industries. As pioneers in this industry, we've worked closely with clients from around the world and used global best practices as well as worry-free services that truly inspired collaboration and accelerated results. Learn more about our community and ecosystem capabilities or contact us to request more information.


It's the key ingredient for building consensus and impactful change.

Inventures supports your organization’s needs, providing strategic insight into synergetic solutions.

Communities require management with consistent processes and systems to collaborate. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs, thoughtfully recommending adjustments along the way. Our services and customizable web-based tools are purposefully designed to help your volunteers to be the most productive they can be, no matter where they may be. Our intimate understanding of multi-stakeholder collaboration stems from decades of working side-by-side with the some of the world’s brightest individuals and innovative organizations who have pooled their resources and set-off on a path to develop inspiring solutions that create lasting, impactful change. Ranging from project-based collaborations to full-blown technology alliances, we have the knowledge and capabilities to enable the type of collaboration that is right for you.


While you focus on the big things, we’ll handle everything else.

Inventure’s worry-free management services let you focus on strategic opportunities.

There's more administration than meets the eye when it comes to growing any community. Our team’s eyes will stay focused on the management of your daily operations, so that you can stay focused on delivering results. Beyond the everyday administrative and back-office activities, our professionals work with clients across many industries to tackle strategic issues. We know there’s a unique lifecycle to every community, so we provide you with customized guidance along the way so you can seize the right opportunities and position your organization for a prosperous future.


Move the management of your existing industry community to accelerate your results.

Inventure’s intimate understanding of multi-stakeholder collaboration can help you create a brighter future.

Transition your organization to expert management If you’re contemplating moving your industry community to professional management, we’ll collaborate with you to fully understand all of your organization's needs and motivations.We’ll then create a map using global best practices and our worry-free services that defines the steps necessary to get you to your goal faster. We’ve transitioned dozens of existing associations and alliances to our professional service model over the past 25+ years. We’ve helped clients manage their collaboration through the ecosystem life cycle and can help you achieve your objectives.


Our full suite of alliance and association management services will accelerate your results.