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Case Studies

Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA)

Global Automotive Alliance Pivots to an Evolved Mission and Brand

Having accomplished its initial mission in 2016, GENIVI Alliance looked to connected vehicles and car-to-cloud connectivity challenges as its next target for alliance work. And, while the alliance had been successful in delivering an increasingly adopted, common method for describing vehicle data, and other connected vehicle work, the industry still thought of GENIVI as an IVI organization. The challenges facing the alliance was how to pivot to a different mission and scope of work that would align to new and relevant problems that were facing its membership; and convince the industry that their well-known brand now means something different. Read more.

EMerge Alliance

Reinventing Electric Power Through Forward Thinking Standards

The EMerge Alliance is doing the unthinkable and Inventures Program Management is doing its part to make the Alliance’s vision a reality. Creating standards for the highly efficient use of hybrid AC/DC power in a variety of buildings requires technical, marketing and certification program support from Inventures. From planning to standard publication, our experienced teams of program, marketing, event and certification professionals are taking care of the details and keeping the Alliance’s volunteered focused on modernizing power use.


With flexible, resilient and sustainable EMerge Registered products in the marketplace today, the world is getting greener. We’re proud to have played a small role in making such an revolutionary idea a reality.

GENIVI Alliance

When BMW, Intel, and Wind River Systems approached Inventures in 2008, all they had was a big idea for a multi-stakeholder alliance that could radically change the way automotive software could be delivered. Other industries had been successful in leveraging open source software, but could a highly traditional automotive industry experience that same success?


Within months, Inventures helped the founders flesh-out their concept, determined how to structure the development work, finalized the required legal operations documents, and publicly launched the Alliance at a major Europe-based IT conference.  After a year, the alliance achieved more than 100 members including well-known automakers, their global software and their silicon providers - the complete ecosystem for in-vehicle infotainment systems.


Whether you're starting with a big idea, or a ready-for-the-market solution, Inventures will help your vision down the path and get your organization running quickly. The faster you get members joining and funding coming in, the faster your alliance will be making a difference.


Supporting Engagement and Productivity Through Transition

IDESG chose Inventures to assist in the transition from a U.S. government sponsored (National Institute of Standards and Technology) program to a new membership organization in August 2014. The Identity Ecosystem envisioned was an online environment that enabled people to validate their identities securely, but with minimized disclosure of personal information when they are conducting transactions.


As you might imagine, this is no small task.


Inventures supported the IDESG infrastructure, comprised of volunteer run committees, by offering professional meeting scheduling and support. From teleconferences, to face-to-face plenary conferences and virtual plenary meetings. Every step of the way, Inventures kept volunteers engaged and productive.

Mopria Alliance

The Power of Collaboration in the Global Print Ecosystem

Trillions of pages are printed around the world every year. These pages aren’t without purpose, they represent our lives; pictures, recipes, reports, checks, brochures, art projects from homes, universities, small or global businesses. Few industries generate such volume. Few industries are as ubiquitous as printing. Few industries are among the oldest disruptive technologies in the world. Read more.


Leading a Global Standardization Initiative for IP-based Physical Security Products  

ONVIF began in 2008 as a small group of manufacturers collaborating to create a global standard for the interface of video system components and aid the industry in adopting IP-based technology. With a goal in mind to provide greater freedom of choice for installers and end users alike, the founders, Axis, Sony and Bosch, also hoped that standardizing how products communicated with one another would ease the product development process for manufacturers, allowing developers to spend more time on innovation. Read more.

Open Security & Safety Alliance

Forming and Launching a New Initiative in the Security & Safety Industry

In 2017, Bosch Building Technologies approached Inventures with a novel concept: create a service model for physical security and safety devices. This concept would encompass a vast array of devices, including surveillance cameras, access control devices, fire alarms and smoke detectors. This new service model would require the collaboration of many companies to develop the necessary specifications, create a collaborative approach to common challenges, and ultimately establish a thriving ecosystem with the size and credibility needed to ensure success for the industry. Read more.

OSGi Alliance

Membership Recruitment Program Creates Powerful Connections

The OSGi recruiting program was designed by Inventures to increase membership at all levels of the alliance in order to increase the resources required to accomplish the goals of the Alliance. Inventures identified prospects and then educated each one about the Alliance and its mission, helping prospects make an informed decision about joining OSGi. The process not only resolved the basic question about the OSGi value proposition, but also created a powerful, yet personal connection between the prospect and OSGi representatives that benefited everyone.


Navigating the Alliance Lifecycle

It's a fact: All alliances and consortiums have a definitive lifecycle that require a focus on different priorities at the different phases of the lifecycle. There's also another hidden fact: all standards organizations take a substantial amount of time to run successfully.


An Inventures Executive Leadership services professional helped OVCC navigate their lifecycle and take care of the numerous operational details. For OVCC, the resource requirements and demands for Executive Leadership have varied throughout its lifecycle, and Inventures was there every step-of-the-way. We provided just the right amount of help on an as-needed basis so they never had to pay for more than they needed. OVCC relied upon Inventures Executive Leadership services for strategic guidance, board counsel and technology alliance lifecycle management.


This custom approach allowed OVCC to strategically focus its resources and accelerate its programs at exactly the right times.


SD Association

Sustained Innovation and Market Relevance

The SD Association (SDA) was formed in 2000 to set and promote industry standards for SD Cards as removable memory storage. From this initial introduction, there have been many innovations and developments that have enabled the SD Cards to maintain market relevance. Read more.




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