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Quick-to-launch, Low-cost Collaborations

Quick-to-launch, Low-cost Collaborations



The CollabForum provides a quick-to-launch path for new alliances, collaborations, and projects to join forces and swiftly leverage the strategic value of technology development. 


The CollabForum utilizes 25+ years of Inventures’ experience, tested and proven best practices, and deep bench of experts to:


  • Set up for success
  • Start small and easily scale
  • Seamlessly transition to larger stand-alone organizations as needs and conditions dictate


Offers an established infrastructure and policies and procedures allowing team collaborate to:


  • Validate technology solution approaches
  • Execute pilot projects
  • Create recommended practices and specifications
  • Develop reference implementations
  • Facilitate interoperability testing/demonstrations
  • Transfer assets and intellectual property from existing collaborations looking to sunset or scale-back


The CollabForum is designed and built to handle all of your group’s day-to-day operations so that you can apply your energy into achieving the goals and objectives of your collaboration.


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