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Alliance and Association Formation

Considering an Alliance or Association Formation?

There are many obstacles along the way to creating a successful collaboration and a thriving community. Our experienced team will leverage our strategic collaboration formation best practices and work in partnership with you throughout the process. Our focus is to complete this process as quickly and thoroughly as possible, getting your collaboration started down the path toward your goal of a thriving ecosystem.


Inventures utilizes a three-stage collaboration formation process that enables the stakeholders to evaluate the feasibility for collaboration at multiple points before committing to actually launch the formal collaboration.


Alliance Formation


Alliance Formation


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Client Profile: GENIVI Alliance

When BMW, Intel, and Wind River Systems approached Inventures in 2008, all they had was a big idea for a multi-stakeholder alliance formation that could radically change the way automotive software could be delivered.  Other industries had been successful in leveraging open source software, but could a highly traditional automotive industry experience that same success?


Within months, Inventures helped the founders flesh-out their concept, determined how to structure the development work, finalized the required legal operations documents, and publicly launched the Alliance at a major Europe-based IT conference.  After a year, the Alliance achieved more than 100 members including well-known automakers, their global software and their silicon providers - the complete ecosystem for in-vehicle infotainment systems.


Whether you're starting with a big idea, or a ready-for-the-market solution, Inventures will help your vision down the path and get your organization running quickly. The faster you get members joining and funding coming in, the faster your alliance will be making a difference.