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Tradeshows & Events

Support for Any Event in Any Location

Our staff of accredited and experienced event managers will make a difference with every tradeshow or special event. We provide global event planning and management for tradeshows of all shapes and sizes in a variety of global locales. We also use our creativity to make your special event, special. We'll guide you through the process needed to make your event investment pay off and manage all of the countless details along the way to make your tradeshow or special event a success.

  • Determine client needs and goals and create a customized plan
  • Develop master logistics timeline and monitor critical dates/deadlines
  • Track and manage action items pertaining to specific meeting
  • Research sites options, provide analysis and recommendations
  • Negotiate contract to obtain best value for a variety of show services and outside vendors
  • Use existing booth, or obtain booth and graphics as needed
  • Manage show vendors
  • Serve as primary contact with staff and vendors to ensure smooth and timely operation
  • Coordinate timely shipping, receiving and storage of materials, plus return shipping
  • Create and manage budget
  • Ensure timely payment of all outstanding bills to vendors and suppliers
  • Provide clear and concise final reconciliation after the tradeshow

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Any Time, Any Place

From Tokyo to Tampa and Bangalore to Barcelona, Inventures has managed events and tradeshows in every part of the globe. Whether your event is for 10, or 10,000 we will work with you to determine your needs and goals, then create a customized plan. We're with you every step of the way, handling all the details. After the event, we'll provide clear and concise final reconciliation so you can determine your return on investment.