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Client News


11/8 - UnitVisID™ Leads Growing RFID Use in Healthcare with Rebrand

7/18 - Thread Group Opens Access To Third Evolution Of Its Wireless Networking Protocol, Enabling Matter, Improving Seamless Connectivity In Smart Homes And Buildings

6/13 - Thread Group Establishes New Marketing Chapter In China

5/17 - SD Specification 9 – New Opportunities for SD Memory Cards as Semi-embedded Memory

5/2 - AUTOSAR has appointed Steve Crumb as Regional Spokesperson for North America

3/16 - ONVIF Celebrates 10th Anniversary of the Profile Concept at ISC West 2022

3/8 - America's Leading App-Based Companies Launch Flex, a New Industry Association

2/23 - The Open Security & Safety Alliance at ISC West 2022


7/14 - ONVIF Releases Profile D for Access Control Peripherals

6/30 - ONVIF Releases Profile M for Metadata and Events for Analytics Applications

6/15 - Mopria Alliance Survey Shows that Employees are Bombarded with Distractions

5/20 - ONVIF Hosts 23rd Virtual Developers’ Plugfest

5/20 - Thread Group And DALI Alliance Cooperate On ‘DALI+ With Thread’ For Commercial Lighting

5/13 - New Online Collection of “Driven by OSSA®” Camera Products

4/14 - ONVIF Reaches Milestone of 20,000 Conformant Products

4/14 - Thread Group Appoints Vividh Siddha As New President

3/3 - The Open Security & Safety Alliance Announces Camera Cyber Security Specification and Alliance Council for App Developers

2/24 - ONVIF Announces New Chairman

1/28 - The Open Security & Safety Alliance joins Euralarm to Accelerate IoT Integration and Industry Harmonization Across Security & Safety Standards


11/16 - Mopria Survey Results Show Printing for At-Home Education is “Essential”

11/12 - ONVIF Hosts 22nd Developers’ Plugfest as a Virtual Event

11/2 - AndroVideo Inc. and the Open Security & Safety Alliance Spotlight First Commercially Available Camera(s) Built According to OSSA’s Technology Stack

9/29 - ONVIF Introduces Profile M Release Candidate for Metadata and Analytics for Smart Applications

9/9 - ONVIF Goes Live on GitHub for Open Source Development

9/9 - Android 11 Includes Mopria Alliance’s Code Contribution to Enable Enhanced Print Capabilities

8/18- ONVIF Introduces Release Candidate for Profile D for Access Control Peripherals

7/15 - ONVIF Streamlines, Expands Interoperability Work with Open Source Development

6/25 - Leading Technology Alliances Unite Behind IP As Secure Backbone For Building Automation

6/2 - The Open Security & Safety Alliance Sets the Course for Further Industry Harmonization Throughout 2020 and Beyond

5/27 - Thread Group Certifies IoT Hub For Smart Commercial Buildings And New Components


4/28 -Thread Group And DiiA Collaborate To Shape The Future Of IoT Lighting For Commercial Buildings

3/18 - Mopria Alliance Celebrates 2 Billion Installations Milestone



9/17 - The Open Security & Safety Alliance Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary

6/18 - Thread Group Advances High Demand IoT Use Cases with Next Iteration of Networking Protocol

4/23 - Mopria Print Service Now Available for Unified Endpoint Management Solutions

3/26 - Thread Group Expands Membership Tier Options


1/4 - Zigbee Alliance And Thread Group Achieve A Major Milestone For IoT Interoperability With Release Of Dotdot Over Thread Specification And Streamlined Certification Programs


12/18 - GENIVI Alliance Closes Strong Year and Expects to Increase Scope in 2019

12/18 - Mopria Powers IPP Print Solution in Windows 10 Update

12/4 - Mopria Alliance Launches Mopria Scan App and Universal Standard

11/28 - Inventures Announces the Launch of The Open Security & Safety Alliance

10/25 - ONVIF Releases Profile T for Advanced Video Streaming

10/23 - GENIVI Alliance Tech Summit Shines Light on Essential Automotive Software Challenges and Solutions

10/2 - Mopria Print Technology Reaches 1 Billion Installations as Mopria Alliance Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary

9/24 - A groundbreaking collaboration enabling value added innovations in security and safety

8/21 - ONVIF Conformant Products Tops 10K in 10th Year

8/9 - Android 9 Default Print Service Includes Wi-Fi Direct Printing With Code Contribution From Mopria Alliance

7/10 - Open Authentication Technology Committee Releases Home-based Authentication and Resource Usage Monitoring Specifications

7/2 - ONVIF Announces Winners from Open Source Spotlight Challenge

6/21 - ONVIF Hosts Record-Breaking Developers’ Plugfest in Sweden

6/13 - Nordic and Siemens Solidify Support for Thread Group; Move Underscores Thread’s Value to Commercial and Smart Home IoT Players Currently Deploying IP-based Wireless Networks

5/4 - GENIVI Alliance and FASTR Join Forces to Tackle Automotive Cybersecurity Challenges

5/3 - ONVIF Celebrates Global Adoption, Milestones of Success as Part of 10th Anniversary

3/26 - ONVIF Calls on Developers for Advanced Video Streaming Challenge

3/22 - ONVIF to Explore Standards, Safe City Deployments at ISC West 2018

2/20 - ONVIF Joins Access Control Panel Discussion at TechSec Solutions 2018

1/8 - ONVIF Explores Cyber Security at Intersec 2018


11/29 - ONVIF Hosts 17th Annual Developers’ Plugfest

11/15 - Mopria Print Service 2.3 Unleashes New Mobile Printing Capabilities with Share-to-Print from Android Devices

11/08 - ONVIF Hosts 2017 Member Webinar

11/08 - Thread Group Sees Strong Adoption For Networking Protocol Across IoT Ecosystem

09/26 - Select ZTE Mobile Devices Now Include the Mopria Print Service

08/22 - Easy Mobile Printing Reaches Every Android 8.0 Oreo User With Mopria Technology

07/25 - ONVIF Publishes Release Candidate for Profile T for Advanced Video Streaming

07/11 - ONVIF Releases Profile A for Broader Access Control Configuration

06/14 - Highways England to Deploy Standards-based CCTV System Based on ONVIF Open Standards

05/09 - New IOT-Ready™ Alliance To Establish Industry Standard For IOT Sensor Installation in LED Lighting Fixtures

05/04 - GENIVI Alliance Announces Enhanced Development Platform

04/26 - The Thread Group And CABA Collaborate On IoT Interoperability For The Connected Home And Intelligent Buildings

04/10 - Mopria Alliance Launches Tap to Print Android Mobile Print App Challenge

04/03 - International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium and Illinois Tech Announce Partnership to Jointly Host the IMTC Connect Forum and 13th Annual Real-Time Communications Conference, Expo & Hackathon

03/16 - GENIVI Alliance Chosen by Google Summer of Code Program

03/01 - IMTC Announces SuperOp! 2017 the Premier International Multimedia Interoperability Testing Event of the Year

02/22 - Mopria Print Technology Hits Milestone with More than 500 Million Installations

02/15 - GENIVI Alliance and Open Connectivity Foundation Collaborate on Open Standards in Vehicle Connectivity

02/09 - Thread Group Takes Leap Forward With Availability Of First Certified Software Stacks From ARM, NXP, OpenThread And Silicon Labs; Launches Product Certification Program

01/04 - Thread Group Showcases Thread-Based Products And Ecosystem At CES

01/03 - The GENIVI Alliance and Nevada Center for Advanced Mobility Partner for In-Vehicle Communication Pilot Project to Increase Awareness for Pedestrian Safety and Assist Traffic Flow in Las Vegas