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Innovation Driven by Disruption

by Deepak Kamlani, Founder, Inventures

High-tech markets are defined by neverending waves of innovation and change, with advances in technology simultaneously disrupting the status quo and creating new opportunities. In the past, a company could accomplish this individually, on the strength of its proprietary technology. In the last 20 years, the landscape has shifted dramatically and, today, collaboration between multiple stakeholders is necessary to transform markets and eliminate obstacles to growth. read more

Standards and Competitive Technology Strategy

by Deepak Kamlani, Founder, Inventures

This article highlights the drivers for the creation of standards and their essential role in competitive technology strategy, particularly the generation of disruptive business models. Also discussed are the key standards issues that CTOs and CIOs should consider as they develop technology strategies for their supplier, partner, competitor, and employee value chains. read more

Innovation Strategy and Corporate Standards Management

by Deepak Kamlani, Founder, Inventures

For many, the word "centralization" conjures up images of stifling bureaucracy and inertia, and yet corporations routinely centralize a variety of critical functions, e.g., planning, hiring, and supply-chain management. This article makes the case for viewing corporate standards in the context of corporate objectives, innovation strategy, R&D investments, and the need to generate a return on investment from these programs. read more

Information and Communications Technology Standards and the New Arms Race-the Rule of 3(+N)

by Deepak Kamlani, Founder, Inventures

The quest for global standards is a time-honored and noble cause. This article shows that using the word "global" as a prefix and objective for any Information and Communications Technology (ICT) standard essentially dooms it to failure. Given the current and expected future ICT landscape, the best we can hope for is the "Rule of 3(+N)," referring to the three dominant regional power blocs-North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific-that use national or regional ICT standards as strategic weapons to protect national and regional economic interests. read more

Bowling with a Crystal Ball: How to predict technology trends, create disruptive implementations and navigate them through industry

by Yoram Solomon 

This book explains an important trend: the creation of new markets using a range of disruptive and collaborative techniques, and the massive stakes involved. Anyone who wants to understand technology ecosystems and their impact will find this book essential reading. Particularly useful are the sections on derivative disruption and implementations, standards development organizations, and technology trending. read more

Networks, Alliances and Partnerships in the Innovation Process (Economics of Science, Technology and Innovation)

Edited by John de la Mothe and Albert N. Link 

Why we should be concerned about networks, alliances, and partnerships in the innovation process in the 21st century. read more

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